Victory Gym

Commit. Train. Thrive.

Who We Are

We’re a gym focused on measurable progress, dedicated to health, longevity, and connections through community. If you’re looking to find the best version of yourself–physically and mentally – we’ll give you structure and accountability with expert guidance, smart programming, and measurable progress over time.

Victory Gym is the brain-child of Victor and Wendy Pellegrino, Owners of Victory Grips, and Ben and Emily Benson, Owners of CrossFit Terminus in Atlanta. Together this team has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and several successful businesses. A product of those years of experience, Victory Gym is unlike any other gym in the area.

Victory Grips

Our innovative concepts, designs, and materials mean you will find the exact fit that suits your workout needs. And to guarantee the highest quality, we make every Victory Grip in the USA to withstand your toughest workout.